Menus for group, business meeting and family reunion | Vieux Four Tremblant

Group Menu at Le Vieux Four Mont Tremblant

Ideal for business meetings, groups and family reunions

Sorry, this menu is currently only available in French

Choice of appetizers

  1. Minestrone soup
  2. Cesar salad
  3. Garlic snails
  4. Fondue parmesan

Choice of main courses

  1. Homemade lasagna or Choice of cannelloni... 21
  2. Fettucini alla gigi... 21
  3. Wood oven pizza no 1 to 8... 20
  4. Wood oven pizza no 9 to 24... 22
  5. Alla florentine chicken... 26
  6. Fish fresh from the market... 28
  7. Scaloppini alla marsalla... 28


Tea, coffee, chocolate cake or carrots cake included


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